Bear. Shark. Wolf. 2nd Edition Re-issue

So Martin and Field have gone to LA to catch Thrice before they retire for good and have left me to do all the leg work for the SECOND RE-ISSUE of Bear.Shark.Wolf. Yeah, you heard me. A second pressing of Bear.Shark.Wolf.
We sold out the first run so fast that we’ve been working on a second edition of the album for those who didn’t manage to get their hands on a copy.
The second edition features the same 12 songs on the first pressing but with 2 bonus tracks and it’s wrapped in entirely new packaging – it’s so ‘effing sexy that imma gonna frame 10 and put it on my wall.
Pre-orders are available now and we’ve included some t-shirt bundles so you can wear us as you listen to us. Mmmmmmmm.
You know you want to buy one. Head to our swanky new e-store at

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