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  • MONO returns with ‘For My Parents’

    MONO returns with ‘For My Parents’

    For My Parents is the new album by MONO, the Japanese quartet who — over the course of half a dozen albums in twice as many years — has followed their own muse, and in the process have become “one of the most distinctive bands of the 21st century.” They are an instrumental rock band…

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  • Bear. Shark. Wolf. 2nd Edition Re-issue

    Bear. Shark. Wolf. 2nd Edition Re-issue

    So Martin and Field have gone to LA to catch Thrice before they retire for good and have left me to do all the leg work for the SECOND RE-ISSUE of Bear.Shark.Wolf. Yeah, you heard me. A second pressing of Bear.Shark.Wolf. We sold out the first run so fast that we’ve been working on a…

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  • Then We Saw The Stars Again

    Amberhaze’s THEN WE SAW THE STARS AGAIN releases today. then we saw the stars again is Giuliano Gullotti’s debut full length album under the amberhaze moniker. Recorded throughout 2008 and produced with Nick Chan at Wallwork Studios in the Spring of 2009, the record expands the sonic palette displayed on amberhaze’s Newborn EP and shapes…

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