KWR001 This Is The New // KWR002 The Lights We Shed Shall Burn Your Eyes // KWR003 You, Me And The Things Unsaid // KWR004 Nosferatu Makes Me Nervous // KWR005 Hymn To The Immortal Wind // KWR006 Then We Saw The Stars Again // KWR009 Swords // KWR010 Raleigh // KWR011 Mannequins // KWR014 For My Parents // KWWR01R013 Bear Shark Wolf // KWR015 Summer 720 // KWR016 The Violet Hour // KWR017 Synapses // KWR018 Welcome The Ironists // KWR019 Redux // KWR021 ATC EP2 // KWR022 Take It Apart And Put It Back Together // KWR023 Mouth Of Madness // KWR024 Past Is Prologue // KWR025 Art Is Blood