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Amateur Takes Control is now 3 piece.
Our guitarist Jem will no longer be with the band. Jem has been with the band since our first show and has always been there for us in many ways. He’s been the joker in the band, the most financially helpful, the most “experienced”, and the one who’s always giving you advice on what to do during NS or what car to buy/not to buy. He’s been there for almost 3 years with us and it has been a great pleasure being his bandmate and more importantly his friend.
Jem will be busy with his school and work commitments which will be taking a lot of his time and we wish him all the best in whatever he’s doing. He is still a dear friend of the band and Jem if you’re reading this, we love you man.
And don’t worry, we are still working to find a way to play one last show with Jem.
The band will continue as a 3 piece but will have sessionists helping us out for our upcoming release and future shows. We will keep them a secret for now.
For now, we only have 1 show coming up which is in March 2010. That’s a very long time from now, but we have a lot of work to do.
1) We are writing new songs.
2) We are collaborating with Bani Haykal (B-Quartet). He’ll be doing spoken word poetry for that show and most probably on the album as well.
3) Practice practice practice, Recording recording recording.
With Syadie and Isa serving the nation, schedule’s a bit tight. So, 6 months isn’t really a long time. We need to make this work and we promise you we will.
I think that should be it for now. Amateur Takes Control is not dead. We are just taking a step back to see the big picture right now.
Thank you guys for supporting us all this while. We love you for that.
Amateur Takes Control

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