We regret to inform you that the Broadcast shows in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur have been cancelled.

Those who have bought tickets via Paypal will have the full fee refunded back to their Paypal account in the next 24hours

For those who bought tickets at Stereolab in person, please email, for information on how to receive your refund. 
As a small token of apology, STEREOLAB has kindly waived entry (usual cover charge $28) if you head down with a Broadcast ticket in hand (Valid till 21 Dec 2010 only).
Apologies again for this notice.
Yours sincerely,
for KittyWu Records


On their way down under for their first ever Australia tour, December will see much lauded psychedelic pop practitioners BROADCAST make a quick stopover in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for the very first time.
Birmingham natives Trish Kennan and James Cargill have been the ever-present driving force behind Broadcast since 1995. Although Broadcast has taken on several different evolutions since its formation, growing to a very cosy …six piece at one stage, Kennan and Cargill have always remained as Broadcast’s beating heart. Fuelled by their joint affinity for film, and electronic culture, Broadcast’s brand of electronica, samples and sci-fi synths provide a hypnotic soundtrack, balanced with the warmth of Kennan’s dreamy 60’s vocals.
Signed to the iconic Warp label, Flying Lotus, Grizzly Bear, Atlas Sound and Dangermouse, are counted amongst Broadcast’s growing fanbase, with Dangermouse sampling Broadcast on ‘Poem of Dead Song’ on the DM & Gemini album ‘Ghetto Pop Life’. Regularly drawing comparisons to a darker and edgier Stereolab, 60’s psychedelic band The United States of America’s influences are present throughout the Broadcast body of work.
Featured on the soundtracks of ‘Austin Powers’, ‘Ma Femme est une Actrice’, ‘21’ and ‘Morvern Callar’, the engaging appeal of Broadcast’s psychedelic pop has enabled them to comfortably exist in the spheres of their passions; music and film. On the small screen ‘The L-Word’, ‘Skins’ and ‘CSI’ have all featured songs from Broadcast, with Simpson’s creator Matt Groening also hand picking Broadcast to perform at this years edition of All Tomorrow’s Parties in England for which he is curator, as well as the influential Sonar festival.

KittyWu + 4imaginaryboys + Stereolab Present
2nd December 2010
Venue: Stereolab, Singapore
Time: 9pm
S$38 Advance
S$43 Door

(All prices includes GST and handling fees. Tickets come with a first drink of Heineken)
Tickets on sale from Stereolounge (in person at Stereolounge) and (online mailorder with local postage)
Official Beer: Heineken
Call 6337 0800

Call 8359 8746

[vimeo 7802692]

The duo’s new mini-album and live show are a collaborative acid trip, UK-style! Broadcast’s first release since 2006’s The Future Crayon is a conceptual mini-album collaboration with The Focus Group (a.k.a. British designer/filmmaker Julian House), and their recent live show incorporates a 20-minute improvised soundtrack to one of House’s films. As James Cargill, the male half of the band, explains, the project was borne out of a lot of half-remembered children’s television shows of the early 1970s, tripped out parties from Hammer films, and a couple other cultural references that Americans might not get. Here, he explains what inspired him and bandmate Trish Keenan, and how a full appreciation of their new project might require a certain adjustment of expectations.

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