Album Title: Mannequins EP
Catalog No.: KWR011
Format: CD / Digital
Street Date: 30 April 2011
Label: KittyWu Records
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The debut EP from alt-folk rock quartet MONSTER CAT, Mannequins exhibits MONSTER CAT’s own brand of mangled folk-rock that drifts from haunting and gentle to driving and cathartic. It is an intimate and awkward search for identity through melodies and soundscapes that are intense, textured and evocative.
The title track – Mannequins – is a song about identity, and the search for one. It was inspired by a quotation by an Italian surrealist writer/artist Alberto Savinio who described the Mannequin in one of his works as a “(P)erson without voice, without eyes and without face, made of pain, of passion and joy”. A statement that resonated as an appropriate metaphor for the people around us and ourselves as well.
The second single off the EP – Underwater is, on a very basic level, a love song, but the kind of love that permeates the subconscious to such an extent that it both intoxicates and haunts. A narrative of the struggle between the beauty that lies in such a thing and the need to destroy it.
“…dynamic, fey and introspective… folk rock wonder that conjures the autumnal demons lurking underneath” – JUICE Magazine, June 2011
“Haunting moody vocals against lush, delicate keys and distorted mysterious guitars seep into the consciousness, evoking deep feelings of pain and confusion.” – TIME OUT SINGAPORE, Aug 2011
“…a switchblade between sudden bursts of clangour and lazy, fluvial chills.” – The Straits Times – 3.5 / 5
“Underwater”, (is) a breathtaking piece that builds the tension beneath its dreamfolk veneer, restlessly surfacing later with quiet intensity” – Best New Music across the MAP (Guardian UK)