Artist: Amberhaze
Album Title: Raleigh EP
Catalog No.: KWR010
Format: Digital only
Street Date: 11 January 2011
Label: KittyWu Records
Track List:
1. Pumpkinseed  05:50
2. Howland  06:21
3. From Foxpoint To Vermont Square  03:58
4. Igloos And Forts  02:54
5. The C.P.R.  06:23
6. The C.P.R. (Beyond Christie)  01:24
On the record
This is my first winter in a while. After living on the equator for so long, you forget what makes cold seasons so special: the light changes, the nights grow longer, things become still and then it starts snowing..
I hadn’t seen snow in a while, either. Or leaves falling.
These are some of the landscapes that you will find here. Places play a major part in the way I see music, and this new EP is a collection of sketches about this new life in Toronto. For a big city, it sure is quiet and contemplative.
It really feels like home now.
This is a collection of songs recorded at home, at night, on the brink of winter. There’s a railroad track right across the street.
I hadn’t seen trains in a while, now that I think about it.
New beginnings. New horizons. New soundscapes.
I hope you will enjoy them. They are for you.
– Giuliano (Amberhaze) , 11.1.11
The Silent Ballet // Puresinner // Gray Owl Point // Local Suicide
Free to download on bandcamp
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