Artist: Amberhaze
Album Title: Then We Saw The Stars Again
Catalog No.: KWR006
Format: CD/Digital
Street Date: 9 September 2009
Label: KittyWu Records
Track List:
1. then (1:18)
2. blossoms (3:46)
3. the beat my heart skipped (4:12)
4. december (4:54)
5. a certain anity (4:24)
6. 1994 (5:49)
7. when you sleep (2:31)
8. selva oscura (2:41)
9. crush (5:41)
10. you are here (4:42)
11. there is a way (8:11)
12. again (2:50)
then we saw the stars again is Giuliano Gullotti’s debut full length album under the amberhaze moniker. Recorded throughout 2008 and produced with Nick Chan at Wallwork Studios in the Spring of 2009, the record expands the sonic palette displayed on amberhaze’s Newborn EP and shapes new facets to a project in constant evolution.
An eclectic mix of influences, then we saw the stars again combines the lush layers of shoegaze guitars with more contemplative natural and electronic sounds. Benefiting from
Nick Chan’s exacting mixing treatment, the album feels both immediate and intricate, in its subtle arrangements and careful details.
Borrowing its title from a line in Dante’s Divine Comedy, the album takes the listener on a small journey of everyday wonders. rough these 12 soundscapes, love and passing often meet with nostalgia and hope. At times intimate and personal, the record is a diary without words, a collection of feelings and thoughts put into notes. Both adventurous and familiar, this is an album in the classic sense of the word: a rewarding experience, a story that will reveal its secrets after each listen.
then we saw the stars again is released on Singapore label KittyWu Records.
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then we saw the stars again