Artist: Deepset
Album Title: The Lights We Shed Shall Burn Your Eyes
Catalog No.: KWR002
Format: CD/Digital
Street Date: 29 August 2008
Label: KittyWu Records

1.    Put Your Dreams To Sleep     (4.40)
2.    Where Were They (When The Fun Went Out)?     (7.20)
3.    Close To A Cure     (8.02)
4.    Have You Ever Danced With The Devil     Under The Pale Moonlight?     (8.15)
5.    If You Can Still Hear This Whispering, You Are Dying     (12.01)
6.    Every Instance In Time Is A Journey Of Hope    (12.43)

“…it is bands like Deepset that reminds us what indie music was about when it first began: to seek the depths of our souls and consciousness that are often shunned, ignored or trivialise in commercial mainstream pop works.”

The STAR Malaysia

Inspired by life, friendships and their surroundings, “The Lights We Shed Shall Burn Your Eyes” is the debut full-length from Malaysian instrumental quartet, Deepset, released on KittyWu Records.

“The Lights We Shed Shall Burn Your Eyes” is a musical photo album, each track a polaroid capturing a story from every band member. Recorded by Irwan Syah at Greenhouse Studio in  June 2008, the album is their personal vignette of life in Malaysia’s Klang Valley, but this could just as well translate to any other geographical location. Juxtaposing life’s little pleasures against the drudgery of the everyday, the six tracks on the album invite listeners to embark on a journey of finding themselves. Standout tracks include “Put Your Dream To Sleep” and “If You Can Still Hear This Whispering, You’re Dying”.

Deepset’s music is driven by an unwavering passion for making and sharing music that is real. Much of the band’s creations are a melodic interpretation of their collective personalities and life experience. A distinctive trait in Deepset’s music is the lack of any repeating riffs, which its members liken to a movie where the story organically unfolds and no scene is repeated twice.
Many have likened their sound to a bittersweet blend of varied influences; from the subtle yet violent sonic beauty of Japanese instrumentalists, Mono, to the intertwining melodic details of indie favourites, Broken Social Scene. But the most powerful aspect of Deepset’s music is as reflected in its name: the great emotional depths each track evokes.

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