KittyWu Presents

9 June 2011, Thursday
Ticket: $22


Advanced tickets for pick up at the door only on the day of event.
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ARMS AND SLEEPERS is the indie/electronic duo of Max Lewis and Mirza Ramic. Formed during the summer of 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts, the band has produced 11 releases and has toured extensively throughout North America, Europe and the UK. With each release, Arms and Sleepers have explored a different approach to the compositional process, ignoring musical genres and its creative limitations. With an impressive output and consistent touring, Arms and Sleepers have positioned themselves at the forefront of cinematic, experimental underground scene. Arms and Sleepers mix haunting sonics with an offbeat visual aesthetic, building lush, moody electronic ambient cinemascapes, chamber-quiet, spacious music overflowing with delicate, luminous piano, floating synths, far-off guitars, and warm, crackling percussion.
Rock Sound Magazine gave their second album, Matador, an 8/10, stating, “Duo Max Lewis and Mirza Ramic combine a small army of electronic scratches and crackles with diverse instruments to create a ruminative and sedate album.” Currently, Arms and Sleepers are planning 6 releases for 2011, including the third official full-length album, Nostalgia For The Absolute, with a world tour to follow, with stops in North America, Europe and Asia.
Born out of frustration, MONSTER CAT is a reaction to a culture of shackling life templates and suffocating social expectations. An avalanche of questions, doubts and personal fears was the breeding ground for Singaporean band MONSTER CAT’s first release, Mannequins. From the dramatic intent of The Smashing Pumpkins to Fever Ray’s visceral force of myth and music, the fivepiece tries its best to imitate these artists but fails spectacularly. Creating instead, a sound that is all their own.
With its own brand of mangled folk-rock that drifts from haunting and gentle (‘Underwater’) to driving and cathartic (‘These Hands’), MONSTER CAT takes great pains to craft songs that reveal more with each listen. Title track ‘Mannequins’ best sums up the band’s musical style—textured, intense and evocative.
MONSTER CAT believes they have something to say. And they hope you will listen.
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